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Rebel & Lace

is an emerging favourite new Canadian company founded in Port Hope Ontario.  Their philosophy is simple “Everyone wants the great things in life. Great friends, great food, great music, great memories, and for vapers, great vape products. That's where we come in, simply great flavours”

$27.99 per 60 ml bottle

Cause + Effect - Creamy milk chocolate and sweet peppermint, even those without a sweet tooth will find themselves loving this classic combination.

Paradise - Tart dark berries paired with crisp green apple and just a hint of sour, this mouth-watering flavour will keep you coming back for more.

Endgame - Just like those famous fresh treats topped with powdered sugar, this light and fluffy pastry flavour is perfect for pairing with cafe au   lait any time of day.  

Let's Get Tropical ejuice available at The Ecig Flavourium Toronto vape shop
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