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PUR eliquid available at The Ecig Flavourium Toronto vape shop


is proudly made in Canada and passionate about producing eliquid that will allow you to enjoy your vaping experience. Their flavour masters take the time to develop and test each flavour and hand select the flavours you have all come to enjoy.
(40 VG / 60 PG)

 All bottles are 30 ml and our pricing is simple.
1 bottle for   $19.99
2 bottles for $29.99
3 bottles for $39.99

Grape Krush - Delicious grape soda flavour.

Double Apple - Delicious, crisp apple taste.

Blueberry – A well-rounded fresh blueberry liquid.

Honeydew - Aromatic and sweet honeydew melons.

Lychee - Exotic sweet and ripe lychees that resemble lychee jellies.

Strawberry - Delicate taste of sweet strawberries.

White Freezee - Refreshing fruity flavour that resembles white freezes.