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12 Monkeys ejuice available at The Ecig Flavourium Toronto vape shop

Insane 6 ELiquids 

is yet another crazy great line from the award winning 416 vapes family.

 $24.99 per 60 ml bottle

Angry – A demented mouth-watering combo of orange, mango, apricot and peaches.

Berserk – A derailed tasty fusion of raspberry and more berries, pineapple and lime.

Bizarre – An unbalanced Fuji apple, pear blended with distressed black currant berries.

Kooky – A crazy delicious kiwi, watermelon and sweet strawberry blend that is so intense, but that’s what makes it so good.

Loony – A screwy and mind-blowing lemon, blended smoothly with blackberries and then sweetened to absolute perfection.

ShookUp - A sweet strawberry and raspberry flavour mixed with passion fruit and pineapples.