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Filling your clearomizer
Charging your Electronic Cigarette Battery
There will be noticeably less "vapour" when your battery is close to the end of its charge. To charge, simply screw the battery into the USB charger, attach an adapter if necessary, and plug it in to the wall or USB outlet. The eGo battery takes 3 hours to charge. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light will change from red to green. You can take the battery out, screw on a clearomizer and start vaping.
Vaping the Electronic Cigarette
​Your e-cigarette battery comes partially charged, so you can enjoy your e-cig as soon as you get it. Take a battery, and click the button 5 times to turn it on. Fill your clearomizer with e-Juice and screw them together. Once you've finished assembling your e-cigarette you can start vaping
This lithium battery features:          Battery capacity: 900mAh·         Normal working voltage: 3.3V-4.2V·         Full battery can last for: 800-1000 puffs·         5 click on/off safety feature

everything you need to know about how e cigs work

Electronic cigarettes are very easy to use. This particular design consists of a long lasting, rechargeable battery and a CE5 clearomizer tank. This clearomizer can hold up to 1.6ML of eJuice and is equivalent to a pack of regular cigarettes. Our ejuice comes in a wide variety of flavours.