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Greek Sweets eLixirs

was inspired by a recent trip to Greece, where the concept of field to table and ultimate freshness in flavour is experienced to its fullest. The legacy of Greek Sweets eLixirs is to capture the richness of this country’s cuisine and transform it into the most extraordinary eLiquids.

$25.99 per 60 ml bottle

Peaches & Greek Yogurt

In Greece, it’s just called yogurt but to the rest of the world its Greek yogurt and is renowned for being the best!  This delicately balanced recipe of Peaches & Greek Yogurt marries two distinct yet complimentary flavours. The sweetness of a fresh ripe peach and the creamy and tanginess of Greek yogurt.

Greek Sweets Elixirs available at The Ecig Flavourium Toronto vape shop


Deeply rooted in Greek history, these were the sumptuous treats served to the winners of the Ancient Olympic Games. A heavenly tasting deep fried donut ball drenched in sweet honey with a sprinkle of walnuts and cinnamon.