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is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of premium e-liquid, operating out of Toronto, Ontario. They offer a variety of premium juices with a distinct flavor profile, sure to keep your tongue tingling and mouth watering for more. Most of their e-liquids are 30% PG, 70% VG.
416Vapes only uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure your “vaping experience” is the best it can be. 

$15.99 per 30 ml bottle

Banana Plumes - A rich banana flavour that has been specifically formulated to be maximum VG.

Caramacco - A rich caramel and smooth tobacco blend that will knock your socks off.

Cloud Berry - A Max VG Strawberry flavour that is formulated to give you maximum vapour production.

Coco Custard - A custard that’s blended to perfection with a subtle hint of coconut.

Crazy Cream Berry - A rich, creamy and smooth mix berries flavour blended to absolute perfection.

Danish Rolls - Melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls, with cinnamon and spices and topped with a sugary glaze. (60 ml)

Apple Danish Rolls - Now add sour green apples and this is a delicious mouth watering danish roll combo. (60 ml)

Berry Danish Rolls - A fun raspberry, blueberry twist on a cinnamon rolls. (60 ml)

Do Dee Dew - Citrus punch blended smoothly to perfection with lime and is formulated to quench your thirst.

Dragon Juice - You will be surprised when you taste this blend of fresh strawberries and dragon fruit.

Five R Live - A very rich mango and citrus flavour blended smoothly to perfection.

Fruit Splash - A delightful Splash of Raspberry, Pineapple and Sweet Lychee. 

Hard Lemonade - A smooth refreshing blast of lemonade with a twist of raspberry.

Nana’s Cream Pie - A Custard that’s a little bit sweet and blended smoothly to perfection with banana cream.

Nut Job - A sweet but subtle custard perfectly blended with hazelnuts that will absolutely make you go nuts.

Snozzleberry - A tasty fusion of blueberry and raspberry. Yes, it’s made with genuine snozzles. 

Strawberry Fusion - A rich strawberry and banana smoothly sweetened to absolute perfection.

Temptations - A custard that’s very sweet, smoothly blended with caramel and a hint of butterscotch.

The Beach - A juicy fuzzy peach flavour that is blended smoothly to perfection with a hint of banana.  

416 Vapes ejuice available at The Ecig Flavourium Toronto vape shop